Wellness Lessons : Slowing The Pace For True Change

When we are truly ready for lasting changes in our lifestyle habits, we often feel a huge surge of energy from deep within, pulling us with magnetic force towards what we envision as a better and healthier version of ourselves. We suddenly find the courage to, sometimes drastically, toss away what not longer serves us and own up to the challenges and choices that brought us where we presently stand. 

At the beginning of such cycles, of which some of us may encounter several times in a lifetime, there is much creative force one can finally tap into - this is a wonderful thing and I truly encourage you to fully seize this opportunity of unleashed energy and renewed motivation....with a few words of caution - GRADUAL CHANGE.

It may feel like, in this moment, you are unshakingly committed to adopt all the healthy lifestyle  at once with fierce determination and perhaps you are actually able to sustain these ambitious goals for a little while, even up to a year or two. Maybe, like I have in the past, you have adopted an ''all of nothing'' attitude and feel like to really succeed and reap the full benefits of these goals, you must do it as close to perfection as you can, at all times - it is then not surprising if after a slight slip or abandoned step, you beat yourself up and suddenly feel like that initial volcanic-like energy that was available to you at the beginning of the process is gradually losing its fire. 

I even briefly experienced this part of myself come to the surface at the beginning of my Ayurvedic studies - within a week I had (thought I had - live and learn!) the proper routine for my particular constitution and imbalances down to a T. My batch of oil pulling chews were always made on time, my fridge was consistently stocked with the required herbal powders and produce, my sun salutations were performed at the same exact time every morning - despite my son throwing a tantrum because I accidentally mixed in the blueberries with the sliced bananas in his breakfast plate - along with the other countless daily rituals that I was integrating in my life. I even had a checklist! (Hello Pitta tendencies manifesting). 

Don't get me wrong, all of these changes have contributed tremendously to my healing. But it was the way I went about adopting them all in the beginning that made it made it more stressful than it needed it to be - and it's that kind of stress that can actually undo a lot of the wonderful benefits you should be reaping for better health. Also, it's sometimes (K, like 99% of the time) IMPOSSIBLE in your current situation to have it all neatly and naturally done like in the textbooks. Life is a series of meanders, all perfect in themselves, that simply demands for us to be open and to listen to what serves our higher purpose in any given moment. What may have served me one year ago may be the total opposite of what I need TODAY for healthier living. And if a health practitioner can help you on that journey, than even better to have added support and a list of guidelines to follow and modify with time. 

So my advice, or what worked for ME, is that at the beginning of each week, set to adopt ONE healthy habit that you know you can benefit from and take it on a test drive - meaning how can I do this in a way that is best aligned with my personal beliefs and values, tastes and schedule, knowing that this can be tweaked and evolve with time. By the weekend, if you find that it has settled naturally and has become somewhat second nature or even a need to you, true change has simply and efficiently happened and will most likely be settled for as long as it serves your best health. We must ease into change and transitions, even if they are small - those could actually be the ones that make the most important impact in the long run.

And remember that the more you strive for perfection, the more it will become elusive. And the more you will realize that each moment is already perfectly designed - it is simply tainted by the lenses of personal perception. Each step is like a breath, fueling you with purpose. The slower we breathe, the more we integrate and the longer we enjoy a greater quality of life. By this weekend, I have eased into the habit of being surrounded by nature (even urban) once a day, as little as 15 minutes at a time. What is that change that awaits you next week, opening the doors to a brighter, healthier you?