Ayurvedic Consultations


As skin youth and radiance is intricately related to your state of internal health, you can opt for the ultimate holistic beauty approach to achieve your skincare goals as I guide you with a tailored beauty care, as well as a nutritional and lifestyle plan.



Initial consultation includes a detailed account of your health history, present imbalances or health concerns, as well as complete analysis of your mind/body constitution, also known as your dosha type. During the session, you will be educated on the principles of Ayurveda, as well as how they apply to your specific condition and needs. An assessment of pulse, tongue, skin, eyes and nails is also conducted to further evaluate imbalances of mind and body. Following your first appointment, you will receive a personalized plan that includes recommendations for a skincare plan, a basic Ayurvedic diet and nutritional program, daily routine and lifestyle changes, personalized breathing techniques, exercises and more. Specific Ayurvedic treatments as well as cleanses may be suggested, if needed, especially during seasonal transitions. As with most holistic therapies, I take into account your age, gender, environment, state of mind and current season. 


The frequency of follow-up consultations varies for each individual.

Follow-up consultations

60 min ............................. (80$)

Initial Consultation

90 min ............................. (140$)


Insurance receipt available: National Association of Naturopaths (NAN)