Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse For Health & Beauty
to May 25

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse For Health & Beauty

Join us on an Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenation journey for radiant health and beauty!

The 12-day group cleanse begins with a first in-person meeting on May 11th and celebrates its end on May 25th at the AYURVEDAmb Wellness Center in the charming setting of Hudson village.

Ayurvedic Cleanse Details:

Spring is the celebration of new beginnings in nature and within your mind and body. To maintain optimal health throughout the year, it is essential to reset fat metabolism in Spring after holding on to the heavier and more acidic foods consumed in Winter, which ultimately lead to accumulated congestion.

This ancient and traditional Cleanse is about using food and daily practices to naturally and gradually reset our detoxification pathways and digestive system.

This 12-day vegan cleanse is about enjoying seasonal foods, moving, and adjusting your lifestyle to give your body and mind the support it needs during this critical seasonal transition. We will use protocols from the oldest, continually practiced healthcare system in the world, Ayurveda.

NOTE : this cleanse is NOT a fasting cleanse but for people who love to eat!

Prior to cleanse start, you will be asked to fill out a "dosha type questionnaire" in order to best personalize the three 4-day cleanse phases (pre-cleanse, main-cleanse and post-cleanse)

What you will learn:

  • Why it is critical to do a cleanse in Spring

  • Which foods your body needs most this time of year

  • Daily cleansing and detoxification protocols

  • Focused breath work

  • Yoga routines designed specifically for detoxification

  • How to prepare foods that will increase nutrient absorption

  • What your food cravings mean

What you get:

  • A printed manual which includes a cleanse grocery list, cleanse schedule, delicious recipes, holistic beauty tips and more.

  • Regular group email guidance and one-on-one email support in between the in-person meetings

  • Group support

  • Optional products and formulations for purchase and/or online and local ressources

Meeting dates: May 11th and May 25th, 10am to 12pm


Facilitated by Vanessa Tavaglione, Ayurvedic practitioner, Holistic Beauty Therapist, founder and owner of Seed & Rind, and Ayurvedic practitioner, and by Ann-Michele Bourret, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist & Practitioner, owner and founder of the AYURVEDAmb Wellness Centre.

AYURVEDAmb Wellness Centre
422 Rue Main
Hudson (Quebec) J0P 1H0

Language: English

In-person Meeting 1: (Cleanse kick-off): May 11th, 10AM to 12PM
Cleanse period: May 13th to May 24th
In-person Meeting 2: (Cleanse close): May 25th, 10AM to 12PM

Investment: 245$ (Paid in full prior to cleanse start date)

For registration and payment : please write to ayurvediccleanse@gmail.com or call 514.594.0262

Places are limited, reserve your spot now!

In Love and Light,

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